Welcome to KNG Kraichtal Nord GmbH, a multinational company spread between southern Germany’s landscape pearl Kraichtal and the northern metropolis Hamburg.

At KNG Kraichtal Nord GmbH we create, develop and operate innovative sales and marketing tools. By combining the best practices of IT and e-commerce with a rich background in web development, design, sales and strategic marketing, we provide revolutionary solutions adapted to perfectly fit specific markets.

KNG Kraichtal Nord GmbH is your partner for:

  • creating and developing innovative e-commerce platforms
  • adapting our existing e-commerce platforms to your market needs
  • development of e-commerce platforms for private sales and daily deals business
  • mediation and distribution of products, technologies, services from third parties
  • outsourcing your web-development and marketing force from experts in the field
  • assisting your operational business in branding, sales and strategic marketing

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